Samples of recent copywriting work

Schuberg Philis, 2021 – present

Schuberg Philis provides IT services to organizations that power vital infrastructure, such as KLM, ING, Philips and the Port of Rotterdam. I was first hired on a freelance basis to write long-form articles for lead generation as well as marketing and UX copy for a total website redesign. Less than a year later, I became the company’s in-house copywriter, interviewing engineers, clients and other business stakeholders to write web articles, use cases, annual reports, employee branding content, press releases and social media posts. In addition, I edit internal documents, such as the code of conduct, brand book, video voiceovers, decks, event programs and menus.

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Our Annual Report

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EdenFrost Communications, 2020 – 2021, 2024 – present

EdenFrost is the digital media agency behind multiple English-language assets used by the city of Amsterdam to communicate with non-Dutch-speaking residents and visitors. I'm on the company’s roster of regular freelance writers, working on assignments that vary from week to week. My work has entailed writing SEO-optimized content on topics ranging from tips for startups on hiring tech talent to innovative companies with high social impact. I’ve also written and copyedited articles, advertorials and newsletters covering tourism, business and research & development in the Amsterdam area. For government-issued press releases and reports, I’ve done Dutch-to-English transcreation and translation.

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Unified Streaming, 2015 – 2021

Unified Streaming is a global industry leader in streaming technologies, offering software and services used by broadcasters, tech companies, and platforms worldwide. For six years, I served as the company’s go-to copywriter, writing and editing press releases, use cases, white papers and newsletters. Much of the work entailed technical writing for industry ecosystem partners and clients and occasionally included training-related materials and internal communication. Working on a cross-functional team with a digital agency for a total website redesign, I also contributed content analysis and conceptualization to the web and UX design as well as wrote new marketing and UX copy.

Unified Origin

BBC Video Factory Using Unified Origin for Dynamic Packaging to All Formats Including DVB-DASH

Finnish Telecom Leader Elisa Teams with Unified Streaming for Late Transmuxing

Unified Streaming’s Remix Implemented by Telenor Norway to Create Live2VOD


Process Communication Model (PCM), 2020 – 2021

PCM, first launched in the 1970s by an American clinical psychologist, has become a broadly used tool by individuals and businesses of all sizes, including corporations such as BMW, Coca-Cola, IKEA, L’Oréal and Pixar. For a total rebranding of the company’s global positioning and identity, I was recruited by the agency Prosper & Bloom to serve as the copywriter on a team spanning multiple disciplines and countries. My role entailed copywriting the majority of marketing and UX copy across the new website and editing brochures for its international coaching and training certification network. I also helped strategize and edit client testimonials.

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Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), 2020 – 2021

GRI is an NGO that provides the world’s most widely used corporate sustainability reporting standards, enabling businesses and other organizations to increase their transparency and communication around ESG impacts. For a months-long project, I was hired as a technical writer to help draft GRI’s Sector Standard for Coal and the Sector Standard for Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Fishing. My work entailed revising drafts based on feedback from team reviews as well as a multi-stakeholder review process, editing and copyediting. I also drafted staff blogs about the standards and contributed new content concerning information architecture, terminology and layout to the department style guide.

Sector Standard for Coal

Guiding Coal Companies to Meet the Dual Challenge of Net Zero and a Just Transition

Sector Standard for Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Fishing

Striving for Sustainability in Global Food Systems by Understanding Sectoral Impacts


IKEA Foundation, 2018 – 2021

This philanthropic organization established by IKEA’s founder issues grants to alleviate global poverty and the effects of climate change. I was first hired to assist with content strategy, editing and proofreading for its 10-year anniversary annual review and then, during an employee’s sabbatical, filled in as the in-house writer and editor. In this role, I wrote and edited web articles, social media posts and blog posts. Additionally, I co-strategized and co-produced campaign content, including one with the Netherlands Red Cross for World Refugee Day and one with the United Nations for Covid-19 vaccine equity, the digital assets of which also appeared on

IKEA Foundation Supports UN Campaign for Equitable, Global COVID-19 Vaccine Access

Reimagining Refugee Camps: What We’ve Learned Over 8 Years in Dollo Ado

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Rajeev Goyal, Vertical University: “The Greatest Tool Against Climate Change Is a Tree”

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